It is never too late to empower yourself and take charge of your health! At Rhea Healing Essentials, you will learn how to reduce stress, eat better, connect with your subtle energy system, and practice the art of energy healing, so you can heal yourself and others.  We design our classes to teach you practical techniques that are simple to do and easy to incorporate into your everyday life. In an open and relaxed environment, our caring instructors share their expertise, providing you with essential tools and resources to renew your mind, body and spirit. No matter what your experience with holistic health and energy healing, you will find valuable knowledge in each of our classes. Take the first step and sign up for a class today!

  • Information about Reiki Classes

    Reiki Classes

    with Reiki Masters Janna Bishop and Sheila Kunkel

    Reiki I and II Classes = 5 Continuing Education (CE) Credits Each

    Reiki is a powerful yet gentle form of energy healing that is easy to learn and easy to do. Our classes teach you how to use Reiki energy to heal yourself and others in a comfortable learning environment. Rhea’s talented instructors will give you tools that will enable you to develop your Reiki Skills in a way that is unique to you. Each class will include two Reiki attunements, lessons on how to use Reiki appropriate to each level, how to prepare Reiki Sessions, and practice time.

  • Reiki Level I: Holding The Space

    Learn how to tap into a dynamic energy source that will nurture your body, and nourish your soul. This class is perfect for all levels, whether your learning Reiki for the first time or refreshing your current Reiki skills. In Holding the Space you will learn techniques to perform Reiki on yourself and others. Subjects covered include: Fundamentals of Reiki energy, the chakra system, grounding techniques, calling on Reiki energy, hand positions, and will contain hands-on experience and two Reiki Level I Attunements.

    2018 Classes

    See our calendar for upcoming classes.

    Where: Rhea Healing Essentials - 121 N 85th St., Seattle, WA 98103
    Investment: $300

  • Reiki Level II: Harness Your Skills

    Open to all who have received a Reiki Level I attunement or higher, this class will focus on learning the first three Reiki symbols, which will enable you to focus the Reiki energy for stronger, more specific Reiki treatments. You will also learn how to perform distance healing so that you can send Reiki energy to those in need. Harness Your Skills gives you tools to treat specific physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments, as well as basics on professional Reiki treatments. Hands on experience and two Reiki Level II attunements included.

    2018 Classes

    See our calendar for upcoming classes.

    Private Class by appointment

    Where: Rhea Healing Essentials - 121 N 85th St., Seattle, WA 98103
    Time: 11:00
    am - 4:00 pm

  • Grounding and Centering for Energy Management

    In today's fast-paced, hectic and sometimes taxing world, it is easy to feel unfocused, scattered and disconnected. This interactive workshop teaches the practices of grounding and centering as a means of alleviating symptoms of stress,and bringing a calm stability and relaxed awareness into everyday life. Learn a variety of methods, receive pointers, and experience the advantages on how to integrate simple grounding and centering routines into your daily experience. This class is not just for the overextended office worker or supermom. These practices are essential survival skills for the highly sensitive person, empath, or spiritual being, and can truly benefit anyone who incorporates these skills in to their lives.

    Taught by: Kate Lancour, Reiki Practitioner, LMP

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