About Us

Sheila and JannaRhea Healing Essentials is co-owned by soul-sisters Sheila Kunkel and Janna Bishop. Janna and Sheila shared their childhood growing up in Hawaii and have been the best of friends ever since. Both women moved to Seattle, Washington in the ’90s where they found their passion for natural health. Over the years, Janna and Sheila have cultivated their passion and learned the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection. With their love for natural health and a strong desire to serve the community, the women decided to follow their calling, so they opened a community wellness center that not only treats the client, but provides resources for people to live healthier. Together, with their fabulous team of practitioners, Janna and Sheila are able to make their dream of bringing natural wellness resources to the community!

Our Mission

Rhea Healing Essentials’ mission is to provide quality natural health resources in an open and caring environment that supports others through their individual and collective journeys to live happier,
healthier lives.

windowRhea Healing Essentials is dedicated to serving the community. Here are just a few examples how:

  • We support local artists and crafters by offering a space to sell and promote their craft.

  • We educate the community on how to bring health and wellness into their lives with our reference materials, wellness classes, and the knowledge of our well-trained practitioners.

  • We participate in community and family events such as Greenwood’s “Art It Up” and “Safe Trick-or-Treat”.

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