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Rhea Healing Essentials offers a holistic approach to healthcare with professional therapeutic services to help you achieve your maximum health. Located in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle, our warm and welcoming practice gives guests the opportunity to experience effective healing modalities in a nurturing environment. Not only are our trained therapists ready to treat you with massage therapy, acupuncture, nutrition and Reiki in Seattle, but we also provide important resources so that you leave with the tools needed to assist you with incorporating holistic health into your life and home. From our talented and caring practitioners, to our powerful, therapeutic products, Rhea offers the essentials for a happier, healthier life, naturally.

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Chakra Balancing

 Quantum healing Reiki Shamanic Reiki


Reiki Training

90-Day Transformation Program

21-Day Reset Cleanse

Women's Healing
Meditation Circle


Relaxation Massage

Treatment Massage

Auto Injury Massage

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